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English Language Testing from There to Here

Jeremy Slagoski, instructional designer at KCELT, facilitated a presentation about English language testing at Kirkwood Community College and countries where many international students come from.  You can view the prezi here: To provide a more in-depth perspective of English language tests at Kirkwood, ELA instructor Ryan Dehner gave a presentation on the tests English… [Read the Full Story]

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It’s All Sociological: Studyguides, joint-testing, and student collaboration

Dr. Allissa King, Sociology faculty, presented at KCELT’s Learning Institute last week on student collaboration on study guides. To access all the slides from her presentation, please click on the link here:

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Clear and Measurable Course Outcomes: A strategic plan

Last week, KCELT hosted its first Learning Institute.  David Keller, Kirkwood’s curriculum and assessment specialist, presented a strategic plan on Wednesday, August 14th. To access all the slides to his presentation, please click on this link: Below are pictures of the participants engaging in group work activities in Dr. Keller’s session.  

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ACT Compass Placement Testing: Connecting to Kirkwood

Jana Hanson from Institutional Research facilitated this presentation at KCELT’s Learning Institute. She presented with a panel from ACT as indicated below. You can view all the PowerPoint slides on PDF by going to this URL:

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Learning Institute, August 13-14

Earlier this week KCELT hosted its first Learning Institute, which is a professional development program for all Kirkwood faculty.  Every Learning Institute will have a different theme, and this year’s theme was Assessment.  Below is the list of topics and presenters.  Two presentations occurred simultaneously in two adjacent rooms in Benton Hall. Tuesday, August 13,… [Read the Full Story]

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