In preparation for this posting, I came across Vanderbilt University’s webpage about flipping the classroom at   This page summarizes well the research behind the buzz.  I recommend that you read Vanderbilt’s page before anything else about flipping the classroom, including what I wrote below.  Flipping pancakes is often easier than flipping the classroom. A […]

This post was written by Judith Wightman, Professional Development Fellow and faculty in the Psychology department. Taking credit courses offered through Kirkwood can serve a variety of purposes, including learning more about a particular subject, getting exposure to new technologies and teaching techniques used by other instructors, increasing in empathy for students, and working toward […]

This narrative blog entry was written by Willie Barbour, Professional Development Fellow and faculty in the English department. I was looking forward to teaching this summer. This was going to be my first time teaching online. It would be a great learning opportunity for me, teaching my first 100% online course, well two courses. I […]

The following was part of Professor Richard L. Underwood’s presentation to the 2012 Central States Communication Association Annual Convention. You walk into a classroom and stand before a group of people who have given a portion of their day to be “educated”.  You notice that many of them are texting last minute messages before they […]

I have used this PPT (and slightly different variations of it) to introduce the conceopt of outcomes-based assessment to different faculty groups. This is the version that I shared last year with the iPad Initiative members, and now I’d like to share more broadly. According to an outcome-assessment framework, it is imperative that the teaching/learning […]