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Building a Garden and Recognizing Neighbors

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project developed by Liz Maas, Math/Science faculty at Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus. In the spring 2011 semester, as an adjunct, I started a small community garden at the Kirkwood Campus in Iowa City.  Since space is limited at this campus I contacted the neighboring facility to the south, Oral B/Proctor… [Read the Full Story]

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Nzelu: Sociocultural Perspectives on Learning & Intelligence

This is something I wrote on another blog several months ago before the Fall 2013 semester began.  I wanted to share it with you now in retrospect with the Culturally Responsive Classroom pilot project halfway completed.  I also wanted to add a little more on what I have learned since the original posting. In the… [Read the Full Story]

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Foundations of Nursing II Lab: How to Videos

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee project of Trisha Swartzendruber from Nursing. Current Practice Students enrolled in Foundations of Nursing II Lab are instructed to read about physical skills and watch ATI videos prior to coming to lab. This is intended to prepare them for learning and practicing the skills in lab with the lab instructor…. [Read the Full Story]

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Presenting Content

My first experience of presenting content with computer technology was Microsoft’s PowerPoint.  I was surprised to discover that it was released to the public in 1990 because I didn’t really see it used much until a decade later.  Once I had my laptop computer in 2000, I started playing with it.  I made my first… [Read the Full Story]

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Organizing Electrical Faults for Lab Sheets

This was the 2012 Mentor-Mentee Project developed by Jonathon Pope from Automotive Technology. Proposal Every class in the automotive program has Lab Sheets for the students to perform their hands-on portion for the topic they are covering.  There are several different classes that use the same vehicle but have different electrical faults that are installed… [Read the Full Story]

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A Class Without Textbooks – Has Technology Replaced Basic Communication Skills?

This post was originally presented to Central States Communication Conference on April 6, 2013 by Professor Richard L. Underwood. Welcome to Fundamentals of Oral Communication.  I am your instructor Rich Underwood.  The textbook for the course is…” This is a phrase that all instructors have used at the start of a course.  According to the… [Read the Full Story]

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How can Kirkwood faculty better understand their students?

Library Services published a couple photos of a whiteboard they put up in the Cedar Rapids main campus library, which you can see by clicking on the link below: Kirkwood students say…how their professors can better understand them. One helpful resource comes from the March 2011 issue of Educational Leadership, which says, “Perhaps the most… [Read the Full Story]

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Foundation Drawing Video Instruction

This was the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project produced by Greta Songe, art instructor. Final Product: Proposed Project Description: The first three weeks of the Drawing I course are the building blocks for understanding the entire term. We discuss drawing methods such as sighting and measuring, negative space observation, perspective, contour, and using volumes in space. The… [Read the Full Story]

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