This post was composed by Juanita Limas, instructor in the Math/Science Department.  The original presentation was composed as a reflection in the History of the Community College course. Click on the image to view the whole presentation. About Juanita Limas Juanita Limas is an instructor in the Math/Science department, teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology and […]

This post was written by Judith Wightman, Professional Development Fellow and faculty in the Psychology department. One skill that most college instructors use on a regular basis is writing valid and reliable test items. These items may be based on any source material used in the discipline and can be used for a variety of […]

Yesterday, KQED’s Mind/Shift published an article by the Hechinger Report’s Anya Kamenetz that asked the question, “How engaged are students and teachers in American schools?”  The article and the survey it reports on was mainly about students and teachers in grades 5-12. Earlier today, we tweeted this article asking, “How engaged are students and teachers […]

Within the time span of a month, the Eastern Iowa region has had several conferences dedicated to diversity in higher education institutions, acknowledging the continuously changing demographics of our community.  In fact, recently the Pew Research Center, published an engaging website about the Next America.  I recommend that you take a quick glance at this […]

This post was composed by Darek Benesh, assistant professor of English.  The original document was written as a reflection in the History of the Community College course. About Darek Benesh Darek Benesh, an assistant professor of English, holds degrees in English Language and Literature and TESOL, with additional graduate work in Language, Literacy and Culture. […]

The video that we are sharing today is not about the iPad. It is about how people were inspired by other people. It is about how a growth mindset person can positively affect our faculty, staff, and finally our students. I think the world needs more people like them. The world needs more people like […]