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Gamification, Virtual Reality, and Innovation for Learner Success in the CNC Program

“Along with what the instructors may do in the lab more or less (Virtual Welding Machines) make the students more comfortable with the whole learning experience”, Bob Wade said when he was asked about the effect of virtual welding machines in his class. Also, Bob mentions how some students view aspects of the class like… [Read the Full Story]

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What Are Kirkwood Students Thinking in Class?

“What can students’ thoughts during my classes reveal about the factors that most affect their attention to and interest in the material being presented?” was the primary question Sondra Gates asked in her research project from last year’s Reflective Scholars course in the Master Teacher Program.  Sondra’s study received a lot of attention from Kirkwood… [Read the Full Story]

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Kirkwood Faculty in One Word: Passion

“The one word I think about (regarding) our faculty is the word passion.”  Art Khaw, Professional Development Fellow, believes that growth-oriented faculty are passionate about student learning and embrace technological innovation.  In this podcast, Art shares his story, challenges faculty who will ask “What happened?,” and describes how the Mentor/Mentee projects achieve learner success. 0:42… [Read the Full Story]

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Groundbreaking Move by Faculty for Student Success

For her 2013-14 Mentor-Mentee Project, Mary Schneekloth, successfully proposed a project to help Kirkwood become the first community college in the United States to attain membership to the University Partnership Program of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Mary pursued this project because her department, Business & Information Technology, wanted to build the Financial Service… [Read the Full Story]

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