This semester, in the Principles of Selling course, instructor Todd Saville had a class that exceeded his expectations concerning a fundraising challenge, which he said, “proved to be a really good successful learning experience and charitable activity…  They’re learning from it.  They’re giving back.  It’s a good cause.”  You can listen to Todd describe this […]

“Here I feel like I really learn about my students and allow them to express themselves in the assignments that I create and the collaboration that they have with each other,” says Erin Foster Hartley, film studies instructor, who is this month’s featured Professional Development Fellow. In this interview, Erin talks about the adjunct orientation […]

Earlier this year, Loughton Smith, bakery instructor in the Hospitality Arts department, went to Japan with several culinary students to learn and get the whole experience of Japanese cuisine and the traditions and culture associated with it.  At the end of his narrative, he describes his biggest takeaway, “Even small town people from a small […]