KCELT started the New Year with its second annual Teacher as Designer Institute.  This year the theme was Universal Design, which “is an educational framework that guides the design of learning goals, materials, methods, and assessments as well as the policies surrounding these curricular elements with a diversity of learners in mind” according to http://udloncampus.cast.org/home. […]

As a positive step towards making Kirkwood Community College a more diverse and inclusive environment, a diversity track was added to Collaborative Learning Days, featuring 16 sessions that addressed issues of diversity and inclusion.  This was a great first step towards bringing diversity issues to the forefront, prompting us all to be more reflective educators. […]

Photo from the U.S. Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/cph.3c22988/ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is seen by many a cultural icon of the United States and a hero to the Civil Rights Movement throughout the world.  Some may argue that these perceptions of Dr. King make him out to be greater than human, giving us permission […]

“I found out that one of the great things about Kirkwood is that everybody wants to help other people,” says Rich Underwood as the first featured Professional Development Fellow of 2015.  To access the transcript to Rich’s interview, please click here. In this interview, Rich shares how he has seen many opportunities for professional and […]