“People bring up ideas about teaching that are new to me and that really work well in other classes,” says Judith Wightman, “I appreciate when other people share those ideas.”  This appreciative knowledge sharing mindset demonstrates that successful pedagogy can be contagious.  To access the full transcript to Judith’s interview, please click here. In this […]

Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that allows instructors to achieve students success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College. “If […]

“When we graduate from our two-year program, we’re actually coming out with the same types of projects that Iowa State [University] is doing, which makes our portfolios…just as good as a four-year colleges’,” states Kara Scherbring, one of Kirkwood’s interior design students in the video below, in which she and other students share their love […]