In recent years, I have been involved in groups at Kirkwood that are interested in free resources for students. These include open educational resources (OER) as well as other articles, videos, and websites that students can access at no cost. Currently in Introduction to Psychology, I require students to purchase access to a program called […]

As we speed past midterms for Fall semester 2017, I thought I would share a reflection regarding how I’m applying the Mater Teacher Program (MTP) competency-based professional development model of KNOW, DO, SHARE to my own teaching. KNOW: At the beginning of the semester, I asked myself: How can I increase student engagement in my […]

This post was written by Theresa Moore, Ph.D., Faculty Development Specialist at KCELT. Every semester I spend a bulk of the first week of classes building community – not focused on content. This practice helps me to connect with students and build trust between me and them and among each other. One activity I engage […]

When we try to design learning experiences, it is fundamental to know what techniques can be used by teachers and students. This document provides an overview on how these strategies can be classified, as well as some examples.

“A year after this course is over, I want and hope that my students will…” This phrase is the cornerstone for Dee Fink approach regarding Designing Significant Learning Goals (Learning Outcomes). This document provides an overview regarding this method.