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Eye on the Prize: Staying Focused on Faculty Success

Our journey continues exploring personalized professional development and designing the new MTE (Master Teacher Experience).  In line with Kirkwood’s mission to provide quality education for students, the overarching goal of this design work is to improve the Master Teacher Experience (MTE) by: Honoring prior experience and skills Increasing voice and choice Increasing focus on the… [Read the Full Story]

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Building Community through Design

As we continue exploring personalized professional development, we began to wonder, “What would it look like to apply this approach to the MTP (Master Teacher Program)?” We selected the Kirkwood faculty competency of Assessment and the KCELT Instructional Designers began designing a framework that would guide learners from introduction to mastery.  Then it was time… [Read the Full Story]

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Mini Design Session Feedback

After the Personalized Professional Development Learning Institute in  August, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) got together to code and categorize the ideas from  designs, recordings, and participant feedback to move forward the future professional development here at Kirkwood. Based on the observations and notes during the institute, we realized a gap… [Read the Full Story]

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From Discovery to Mapping, KCELT Design Update

KCELT hosted an Innovative Learning Institute in August 2016, entitled “Designing Personalized Professional Development.”  This learning institute was not a “sit and get” two days of professional development – instead, it was a discovery-based experience with the goal to design personalized professional development for all Kirkwood employees. Before the institute, we all reviewed some inspiring… [Read the Full Story]

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TPACK Knowledge and Application!

Technology integration is a part of today’s classroom. Most of us teach in classrooms that are equipped with mobile technology and internet access where the students have access to one or several mobile devices. When the context is filled with technology and online tools, it’s possible to be distracted when we try to integrate it… [Read the Full Story]

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Faculty Reflection on Self Growth

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) is a three-year professional development opportunity for new full-time faculty at Kirkwood. This program is built upon faculty’s strengths and it is an opportunity for the probationary faculty to reflect on their good teaching practices that lead to their student’s success in a non-evaluative setting. KCELT hosted an outstanding annual… [Read the Full Story]

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From Teaching to Organizing a State Wide Conference!

Janine Martin is a Biology adjunct faculty at Kirkwood Community College. For the last two years she has been the organizer of the Iowa Conference in Higher Education, a statewide education conference. This conference is designed to provide professional development opportunities for part-time and full-time faculty and staff who are working in the field of… [Read the Full Story]

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Untold Stories of Aging in America

Two weeks ago, my colleague Wilson Rojas Bugueño talked about an interesting class project that one of the Kirkwood faculty, Shelby Myers-Verhage, has her students work on in a college writing course. Shelby is an Associate Professor of English at the Kirkwood Community College campus in Iowa City and she is also a Professional Development… [Read the Full Story]

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KCELT Instructional Designer Introduction

My name is Maryam Ghayoorrad (Rod-Szabo) Instructional Designer at Kirkwood Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (KCELT). I was an instructor of Educational Technology and Design and I am a doctoral student at the University of Northern Iowa. I have taught and served as a graduate research assistant at the University of Northern Iowa… [Read the Full Story]

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Boosting Teaching and Understanding as a Professional Development Fellow

“I always had the philosophy as a teacher that you teach the learners that you have, so I had to learn how to adapt my own teaching strategies for ELA learners. And I have grown as a teacher because of that,” says Shelby Myers-Verhage. “It’s been a very enriching experience both ways to sort of… [Read the Full Story]

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