The literature regarding workplace learning emphasizes, among other elements, the importance of learning by doing, social learning, and personalized learning pathways (J. Hart, 2015, S. Geison, 2018). This mindset is not new, but uncommon in institutions of higher education. The newly redesigned Master Teacher Program at Kirkwood Community College is fortunate to be able to […]

There is a national push towards  increasing diversity across college campuses at all levels – faculty, staff, and students. As educators, we also know that there is increasing attention on pedagogical practices such as “inclusively and building a “culturally responsive classroom.” In fact, one of KIrkwood Community College’s core competencies for faculty is diverse learners: […]

There is a wealth of literature on the power of PLCs (professional learning communities) as contributory to faculty growth. The Master Teacher Program (MTP) at Kirkwood Community College is a form of PLC, whereby faculty grow through their collective efforts on the Kirkwood faculty competencies as related to student success. MTP Year 1: Introduction to […]

As we speed past midterms for Fall semester 2017, I thought I would share a reflection regarding how I’m applying the Mater Teacher Program (MTP) competency-based professional development model of KNOW, DO, SHARE to my own teaching. KNOW: At the beginning of the semester, I asked myself: How can I increase student engagement in my […]

In a recent article in Education Week, Carol Dweck revisits her seminal work on Growth Mindset and offers news ways of thinking about this concept that maybe helpful for both classroom and organizational application. “Growth mindset” is a term that can be overused and become cliche – very easily. I mean, who doesn’t want to declare […]

This post was composed by Theresa Moore, PhD, KCELT Faculty Development Specialist. The Teacher as Designer Institute was modeled with the intention to be a microcosm of the curriculum taught in the second year of the Master Teacher Program, the learning community for new full-time faculty. The content in this area is wide and dense. […]