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Off to a Real Life Experience for Students

Christine Flavin is a photography professor at Kirkwood Community College. She teaches photography using both digital and traditional technology. Students in her class experience working in the traditional chemical darkroom. They process film and make black and white silver gelatin prints. They also do a lot of digital photography and use imaging programs like Lightroom… [Read the Full Story]

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The Joy of Learning: Learning Made Personalized

Have you ever watched the Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” series? When I was watching his instructional videos a few days ago, I was asking myself: “What made his show so unique or even better than a face to face painting class for me?” In his twenty-first episode of The Joy of Painting, Bob… [Read the Full Story]

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Deep Learning Through Digital Story Telling

Sara Kepros is an assistant professor and a reading specialist in the English Department at Kirkwood. She is also a Professional Development Fellow  for KCELT (Kirkwood Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching). Students in her class practice effective reading for the college level, they learn strategies and tools for increasing their reading comprehension. They… [Read the Full Story]

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Untold Stories of Aging in America

Two weeks ago, my colleague Wilson Rojas Bugueño talked about an interesting class project that one of the Kirkwood faculty, Shelby Myers-Verhage, has her students work on in a college writing course. Shelby is an Associate Professor of English at the Kirkwood Community College campus in Iowa City and she is also a Professional Development… [Read the Full Story]

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Growth vs. Fixed Mindset – Debunking the Dichotomy

In a recent article in Education Week, Carol Dweck revisits her seminal work on Growth Mindset and offers news ways of thinking about this concept that maybe helpful for both classroom and organizational application. “Growth mindset” is a term that can be overused and become cliche – very easily. I mean, who doesn’t want to declare… [Read the Full Story]

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Modular Workstations: Faculty Designs a Solution to Prepare Students for the Automation Industry

“Teacher as Designer” is one of the main themes at KCELT, and Ben Foley is a great example of this.  He designed modular workstations for his students in the Automation and Instrumentation Technologies (AIT) program in the Industrial Technologies Department for the purposes of making their learning more relevant to the industry. At the end… [Read the Full Story]

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Interior Design Students on Accelerated Pathway to Success

“When we graduate from our two-year program, we’re actually coming out with the same types of projects that Iowa State [University] is doing, which makes our portfolios…just as good as a four-year colleges’,” states Kara Scherbring, one of Kirkwood’s interior design students in the video below, in which she and other students share their love… [Read the Full Story]

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Learner Success Exceeds Expectations

This semester, in the Principles of Selling course, instructor Todd Saville had a class that exceeded his expectations concerning a fundraising challenge, which he said, “proved to be a really good successful learning experience and charitable activity…  They’re learning from it.  They’re giving back.  It’s a good cause.”  You can listen to Todd describe this… [Read the Full Story]

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Gamification, Virtual Reality, and Innovation for Learner Success in the CNC Program

“Along with what the instructors may do in the lab more or less (Virtual Welding Machines) make the students more comfortable with the whole learning experience”, Bob Wade said when he was asked about the effect of virtual welding machines in his class. Also, Bob mentions how some students view aspects of the class like… [Read the Full Story]

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Groundbreaking Move by Faculty for Student Success

For her 2013-14 Mentor-Mentee Project, Mary Schneekloth, successfully proposed a project to help Kirkwood become the first community college in the United States to attain membership to the University Partnership Program of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Mary pursued this project because her department, Business & Information Technology, wanted to build the Financial Service… [Read the Full Story]

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