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Mini Design Session Feedback

After the Personalized Professional Development Learning Institute in  August, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) got together to code and categorize the ideas from  designs, recordings, and participant feedback to move forward the future professional development here at Kirkwood. Based on the observations and notes during the institute, we realized a gap… [Read the Full Story]

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From Teaching to Organizing a State Wide Conference!

Janine Martin is a Biology adjunct faculty at Kirkwood Community College. For the last two years she has been the organizer of the Iowa Conference in Higher Education, a statewide education conference. This conference is designed to provide professional development opportunities for part-time and full-time faculty and staff who are working in the field of… [Read the Full Story]

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Untold Stories of Aging in America

Two weeks ago, my colleague Wilson Rojas Bugueño talked about an interesting class project that one of the Kirkwood faculty, Shelby Myers-Verhage, has her students work on in a college writing course. Shelby is an Associate Professor of English at the Kirkwood Community College campus in Iowa City and she is also a Professional Development… [Read the Full Story]

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Introduction to Professional Development Fellow Rachelle Biderman

Rachelle Biderman is a member of KCELT’s Professional Development Fellows. Rachelle teaches Public Speaking and Fundamentals of World Communication courses using active learning strategies. She is a passionate faculty who loves teaching and applies methods that engage students in learning leading to their success. When Rachelle was a student at Kirkwood her experience changed her life… [Read the Full Story]

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An Instructional Designer’s Perspective on Reading Circles

  Last month, I presented at the Statewide Teaching and Learning Conference in Waterloo, Iowa with my faculty colleagues Shelby Myers-Verhage from the Iowa City campus and Judith Wightman from the Psychology department.  We have been working together for at least the past year on leading reading circles for faculty at KCELT.   In the… [Read the Full Story]

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Reflection on KCamp: Kirkwood’s First Unconference

Just before the Fall 2014 semester began, KCELT offered its first “unconference,” which we called KCamp: Professional Development for Faculty by Faculty.  We were inspired by our experiences at EdCamps.  The whole team participated in one of the annual Iowa EdCamps, Northeast in Cedar Falls this March.  Our instructional designers, Wilson and Jeremy, participated in… [Read the Full Story]

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Notes and Reflections on “A New Culture of Learning”

On his blog, Alan Peterka, instructional designer in the Distance Learning department, reflects on the book A New Culture of Learning written by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown.  A summary of the book can be read at Alan comments on four themes from the book: 1) culture as growth because of environment, 2)… [Read the Full Story]

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Google Hangouts: A Reflection

At the end of the Fall 2013 semester, KCELT hosted the Technology Teaching and Learning Institute that featured integrating internet video conferencing (IVC) into the classroom.  During one of the three days, we concentrated on providing hands-on training on four IVC tools, including Google Hangouts. According to our feedback, many faculty were interested in either… [Read the Full Story]

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Reflection on Teacher as Designer Institute

This post was composed by Theresa Moore, PhD, KCELT Faculty Development Specialist. The Teacher as Designer Institute was modeled with the intention to be a microcosm of the curriculum taught in the second year of the Master Teacher Program, the learning community for new full-time faculty. The content in this area is wide and dense…. [Read the Full Story]

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How can Twitter help community college faculty?

I’ve been using Twitter for several years as @slagoski23 and I have more recently started tweeting for KCELT @KCELTkirkwood (somebody else already had the @kcelt handle).  As a student, researcher, and teacher, I have found Twitter to be extraordinarily helpful for information, inspiration, and communication.  And once I started getting the hang of interacting on… [Read the Full Story]

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