Use formal and informal, formative and summative, assessment strategies to evaluate student learning.

Assessment Progression Overview

The role of teaching competencies is well established in K-12 education. Based on this best practice, KCELT has designed learning progressions for several of the Kirkwood factual competencies to help faculty to: 1) self assess their current knowledge and skills, and 2) identify areas for growth.

Teaching Guides

Ladder of Feedback

The “Ladder of Feedback” is an approach to assessing for understanding that establishes a culture of trust and constructive support among your students.

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External Resources


ACT Compass Placement Testing: Connecting to Kirkwood

Jana Hanson from Institutional Research facilitated this presentation at KCELT’s Learning Institute. She presented with a panel from ACT as indicated below. You can view all the PowerPoint slides on PDF by going to this URL:

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Clear and Measurable Course Outcomes: A strategic plan

Last week, KCELT hosted its first Learning Institute.  David Keller, Kirkwood’s curriculum and assessment specialist, presented a strategic plan on Wednesday, August 14th. To access all the slides to his presentation, please click on this link: Below are pictures of the participants engaging in group work activities in Dr. Keller’s session.  

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English Language Testing from There to Here

Jeremy Slagoski, instructional designer at KCELT, facilitated a presentation about English language testing at Kirkwood Community College and countries where many international students come from.  You can view the prezi here: To provide a more in-depth perspective of English language tests at Kirkwood, ELA instructor Ryan Dehner gave a presentation on the tests English […]

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Writing Good Test Items

This post was written by Judith Wightman, Professional Development Fellow and faculty in the Psychology department. One skill that most college instructors use on a regular basis is writing valid and reliable test items. These items may be based on any source material used in the discipline and can be used for a variety of […]

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What Are Kirkwood Students Thinking in Class?

“What can students’ thoughts during my classes reveal about the factors that most affect their attention to and interest in the material being presented?” was the primary question Sondra Gates asked in her research project from last year’s Reflective Scholars course in the Master Teacher Program.  Sondra’s study received a lot of attention from Kirkwood […]

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