There is a national push towards  increasing diversity across college campuses at all levels – faculty, staff, and students. As educators, we also know that there is increasing attention on pedagogical practices such as “inclusively and building a “culturally responsive classroom.” In fact, one of KIrkwood Community College’s core competencies for faculty is diverse learners: […]

The end of February presented several events that raised Kirkwood and the community’s awareness of issues our minority students and their families face. On Saturday, February 21st, a positive dialogue about law enforcement and community relations was hosted at Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids.  Several Kirkwood faculty, including Juanita Limas and Chris Cronbaugh, attended […]

As a positive step towards making Kirkwood Community College a more diverse and inclusive environment, a diversity track was added to Collaborative Learning Days, featuring 16 sessions that addressed issues of diversity and inclusion.  This was a great first step towards bringing diversity issues to the forefront, prompting us all to be more reflective educators. […]

Photo from the U.S. Library of Congress: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is seen by many a cultural icon of the United States and a hero to the Civil Rights Movement throughout the world.  Some may argue that these perceptions of Dr. King make him out to be greater than human, giving us permission […]

“When students feel like their teacher cares about them, they are generally more inclined to participate in their learning and also to take responsibility for their learning. When this happens, the learning experience is more robust than a traditional one-size fits all approach,” says Sarah Rissler, ELA instructor, who is this month’s featured Professional Development […]

On a rainy afternoon of Friday, September 5th, the International Programs department hosted the first ever Global Service Award Reception.  In attendance at Linn Hall were most of the global service awardees, the International Programs staff, a few Study Abroad Faculty Leaders,  President Mick Starcevich, and other supporters of the awards, including KCELT.   The […]