Our Menu of Learning is extensive and presents a good window into what we offer for our faculty and staff. We listen to people from many departments across our region and across our programs to provide sessions that teach skills and aid in diving deeper into teaching. When we cover how to create discussions and […]

In recent years, I have been involved in groups at Kirkwood that are interested in free resources for students. These include open educational resources (OER) as well as other articles, videos, and websites that students can access at no cost. Currently in Introduction to Psychology, I require students to purchase access to a program called […]

Have you ever watched the Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” series? When I was watching his instructional videos a few days ago, I was asking myself: “What made his show so unique or even better than a face to face painting class for me?” In his twenty-first episode of The Joy of Painting, Bob […]

Dr. Lydia Hartunian is a professor of Philosophy & Humanities at Kirkwood Community College. She is also a Professional Development Fellow for KCELT. I asked Lydia how she teaches philosophy and humanities to undergraduates in a way that is interesting and fun. With her sense of humor, Lydia said, “I probably should not say this […]

Wikipedia is a tool that supports two of my passions in instructional design and pedadogy.  The first is integrating multiliteracies into the curriculum and the other is using and creating open educational resources or OERs.  Before getting into OERs, I wanted to share some questions to help you get into the design mindset of multiliteracies. How […]

Last year, Russell Bush shared his interest in Competency Based Education in his poster presentation at the Master Teacher Program Year 3 Poster Fair.  Competency Based Education is an approach to teaching and learning that is making changes to many school systems around the nation, and may soon be affecting how we teach at Kirkwood Community […]