Integrate instructional strategies that encourage students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills.

Teaching Guides

Taxonomy of Instructional Techniques

When we try to design learning experiences, it is fundamental to know what techniques can be used by teachers and students. This document provides an overview on how these strategies can be classified, as well as some examples.

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External Resources


Natalia Cherjovsky on Group Dynamics

In 2011, Natalia Cherjovsky discussed the social importance of group exercises for the growth of learners, as well as, an array of activities and techniques to organize a group-oriented exercise for your curriculum. She blogs at and you can follow her on Twitter @NatCherjovsky.

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Exploring Teaching Series

Follow the lessons and classroom activities of Kirkwood Faculty/Coordinator Jack Terndrup’s “Exploring Teaching” classes from the Fall of 2011. Each class has been edited for key curriculum and classroom interaction highlights. Volume 1: Provenzo – Teacher Dispositions, Lemov Chapter 1 – Teaching Techniques Volume 2: Favorite Teachers, Lemov Chapter 1 – Teaching Techniques, Lemov Chapter […]

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The Classroom Lecture: Is It a Tool Whose Time Has Come?

The following was part of Professor Richard L. Underwood’s presentation to the 2012 Central States Communication Association Annual Convention. You walk into a classroom and stand before a group of people who have given a portion of their day to be “educated”.  You notice that many of them are texting last minute messages before they […]

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Great Expectations: Students and Video in Higher Education

Earlier this year, SAGE publications released a white paper titled Great Expectations: Students and Video in Higher Education.  The paper discusses why they watch videos for class and how they search for and access videos for learning.  One major yet unsurprising finding is that most students (71.2%) go to YouTube to search for videos needed […]

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