Use an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.

Learning Environment/Classroom Management Progression Overview

The role of teaching competencies is well established in K-12 education. Based on this best practice, KCELT has designed learning progressions for several of the Kirkwood factual competencies to help faculty to: 1) self assess their current knowledge and skills, and 2) identify areas for growth.

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This post was written by Theresa Moore, Ph.D., Faculty Development Specialist at KCELT. Every semester I spend a bulk of the first week of classes building community – not focused on content. This practice helps me to connect with students and build trust between me and them and among each other. One activity I engage […]

Christine Flavin is a photography professor at Kirkwood Community College. She teaches photography using both digital and traditional technology. Students in her class experience working in the traditional chemical darkroom. They process film and make black and white silver gelatin prints. They also do a lot of digital photography and use imaging programs like Lightroom […]

“I believed it was important that I try to ‘model the way’ in terms of teaching in an innovative learning space myself, while engaging my peers in these discussions. The experience has been illuminating in many ways, ” states Theresa Moore, a Kirkwood faculty member and Faculty Development Specialist in KCELT (Kirkwood Center for Excellence […]