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Mini Design Session Feedback

After the Personalized Professional Development Learning Institute in  August, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) got together to code and categorize the ideas from  designs, recordings, and participant feedback to move forward the future professional development here at Kirkwood. Based on the observations and notes during the institute, we realized a gap… [Read the Full Story]

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From Discovery to Mapping, KCELT Design Update

KCELT hosted an Innovative Learning Institute in August 2016, entitled “Designing Personalized Professional Development.”  This learning institute was not a “sit and get” two days of professional development – instead, it was a discovery-based experience with the goal to design personalized professional development for all Kirkwood employees. Before the institute, we all reviewed some inspiring… [Read the Full Story]

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Teaching in a Flexible Learning Space (MALIE)

“I believed it was important that I try to ‘model the way’ in terms of teaching in an innovative learning space myself, while engaging my peers in these discussions. The experience has been illuminating in many ways, ” states Theresa Moore, a Kirkwood faculty member and Faculty Development Specialist in KCELT (Kirkwood Center for Excellence… [Read the Full Story]

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Professor Challenges Students Outside Class Through Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that allows instructors to achieve students success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College. “If… [Read the Full Story]

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Groundbreaking Move by Faculty for Student Success

For her 2013-14 Mentor-Mentee Project, Mary Schneekloth, successfully proposed a project to help Kirkwood become the first community college in the United States to attain membership to the University Partnership Program of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Mary pursued this project because her department, Business & Information Technology, wanted to build the Financial Service… [Read the Full Story]

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Busting Myths about Learning Styles

For his 2013-14 Mentor-Mentee Project, speech communications instructor Kevin Shroth investigated the science and pseudoscience behind what educators commonly refer to as learning styles.  A few weeks ago, we sat down with Kevin to share what he learned, summarizing key ideas from this paper, which you can access here. If you would like to learn… [Read the Full Story]

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Interdisciplinary Views on Social Workers and Nurses’ Roles in Patient Care

Nicole Alsaker, Nursing department, worked with Jody Weigel on her Mentor-Mentee Project for the 2013-14 academic year.  Their goal was to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and communication by 1) exploring the roles and responsibilities of nurses and social workers, and 2) examining how they can improve teamwork and professional relationships.  Below are slides from Nicole’s PowerPoint… [Read the Full Story]

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Libguide: Women’s Studies

For her Mentor-Mentee project, Sue Miller worked with Renee Schlueter to construct a Libguide for class on Women and Work.  Libguides are sets of web pages for research assitance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by librarians.  You can access their Libguide at Beyond the Libguide, the project goals were to update the library… [Read the Full Story]

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Foundations 1 Laboratory Student Success

Jessica Rozek focused on Foundations 1 nursing students for her 2013-14 Mentor Mentee Project.  Below she shares some of her Power Point slides along with her accompanying notes. I teach Foundations 1 nursing students which is first semester, so they usually present with high anxiety in both lab and class, as they are learning brand… [Read the Full Story]

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Utilizing Additional Presentation Platforms for Student Engagement in Medical Terminology

Tanya Scott, faculty in Allied Health, shared a Prezi to demonstrate how she integrates technology to engage her students in her Medical Terminology course. The presentation also demonstrates her understanding of instructional design by making the lesson’s goals or outcomes clear to the students before heading into the content. To view the Prezi, click here…. [Read the Full Story]

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