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Meet the Professional Development Fellows in brief interviews about their commitment to teaching and learning at Kirkwood Community College.

From Discovery to Mapping, KCELT Design Update

KCELT hosted an Innovative Learning Institute in August 2016, entitled “Designing Personalized Professional Development.”  This learning institute was not a “sit and get” two days of professional development – instead, it was a discovery-based experience with the goal to design personalized professional development for all Kirkwood employees. Before the institute, we all reviewed some inspiring… [Read the Full Story]

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Faculty Reflection on Self Growth

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) is a three-year professional development opportunity for new full-time faculty at Kirkwood. This program is built upon faculty’s strengths and it is an opportunity for the probationary faculty to reflect on their good teaching practices that lead to their student’s success in a non-evaluative setting. KCELT hosted an outstanding annual… [Read the Full Story]

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Introduction to Dr. Lydia Hartunian Professional Development Fellow

Dr. Lydia Hartunian is a professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Kirkwood. She is also a Professional Development Fellow in KCELT. Lydia has a doctoral degree in Philosophy, she is passionate for what she teaches at Kirkwood, and she believes in being part of a professional development community. With her many years of teaching experience,… [Read the Full Story]

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Introduction to Professional Development Fellow Rachelle Biderman

Rachelle Biderman is a member of KCELT’s Professional Development Fellows. Rachelle teaches Public Speaking and Fundamentals of World Communication courses using active learning strategies. She is a passionate faculty who loves teaching and applies methods that engage students in learning leading to their success. When Rachelle was a student at Kirkwood her experience changed her life… [Read the Full Story]

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KCELT Instructional Designer Introduction

My name is Maryam Ghayoorrad (Rod-Szabo) Instructional Designer at Kirkwood Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (KCELT). I was an instructor of Educational Technology and Design and I am a doctoral student at the University of Northern Iowa. I have taught and served as a graduate research assistant at the University of Northern Iowa… [Read the Full Story]

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Boosting Teaching and Understanding as a Professional Development Fellow

“I always had the philosophy as a teacher that you teach the learners that you have, so I had to learn how to adapt my own teaching strategies for ELA learners. And I have grown as a teacher because of that,” says Shelby Myers-Verhage. “It’s been a very enriching experience both ways to sort of… [Read the Full Story]

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Building a Community of Learners Around Self-Authorship

“[After reading the anonymous results of the first week survey, students] start to see that other students have the same fears as they do,” says Kari Weaver, “and that, whereas they felt like that they were the only student that had children or had a GED, we found out that [these assumptions were] absolutely incorrect.” … [Read the Full Story]

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Fellow Shares Success with Team-Based Learning

Speaking about team-based learning, Christine Shea-Hunt says, “I’m very passionate about it.  I’ve seen students respond to it.  Attendance has gone up.  I just think it is an important way to increase student engagement and critical thinking, and so I take every opportunity I can to talk about it and share this teaching method with… [Read the Full Story]

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Fellow’s Passion for Reading Circles: A Powerful Means of Professional Development

“People bring up ideas about teaching that are new to me and that really work well in other classes,” says Judith Wightman, “I appreciate when other people share those ideas.”  This appreciative knowledge sharing mindset demonstrates that successful pedagogy can be contagious.  To access the full transcript to Judith’s interview, please click here. In this… [Read the Full Story]

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Professor Challenges Students Outside Class Through Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that allows instructors to achieve students success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College. “If… [Read the Full Story]

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