The literature regarding workplace learning emphasizes, among other elements, the importance of learning by doing, social learning, and personalized learning pathways (J. Hart, 2015, S. Geison, 2018). This mindset is not new, but uncommon in institutions of higher education. The newly redesigned Master Teacher Program at Kirkwood Community College is fortunate to be able to […]

Our Menu of Learning is extensive and presents a good window into what we offer for our faculty and staff. We listen to people from many departments across our region and across our programs to provide sessions that teach skills and aid in diving deeper into teaching. When we cover how to create discussions and […]

There is a wealth of literature on the power of PLCs (professional learning communities) as contributory to faculty growth. The Master Teacher Program (MTP) at Kirkwood Community College is a form of PLC, whereby faculty grow through their collective efforts on the Kirkwood faculty competencies as related to student success. MTP Year 1: Introduction to […]

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) is a three-year professional development opportunity for new full-time faculty at Kirkwood. This program is built upon faculty’s strengths and it is an opportunity for the probationary faculty to reflect on their good teaching practices that lead to their student’s success in a non-evaluative setting. KCELT hosted an outstanding annual […]

My colleague Chris King, Learning and Development Coordinator, handed out a book called “Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being” by Beth Cabrera to me and the other female colleagues in our department last month. The first glance at the name of the book made me critical about the title only addressing “women”. I took the book […]

Janine Martin is a Biology adjunct faculty at Kirkwood Community College. For the last two years she has been the organizer of the Iowa Conference in Higher Education, a statewide education conference. This conference is designed to provide professional development opportunities for part-time and full-time faculty and staff who are working in the field of […]