Use appropriate technology in the planning, delivery and assessment of instruction.

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The role of teaching competencies is well established in K-12 education. Based on this best practice, KCELT has designed learning progressions for several of the Kirkwood factual competencies to help faculty to: 1) self assess their current knowledge and skills, and 2) identify areas for growth.

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One of the fundamental principles for designing significant learning experiences is to engage students in the process. Engaging students means to make them active participants in the learning experience so they have the opportunity not only to make sense of the content, but also to apply it in new contexts. When using Active Learning Strategies, […]

Our Menu of Learning is extensive and presents a good window into what we offer for our faculty and staff. We listen to people from many departments across our region and across our programs to provide sessions that teach skills and aid in diving deeper into teaching. When we cover how to create discussions and […]

According to the literature, assessment must be an ongoing process that provides opportunities for feedback. When students get feedback, they can see where they need to improve before it is too late. On the other hand, when instructors know where the students are regarding knowledge and skills, they can adjust the learning experience to meet […]

A dominant area of focus in instructional planning, instruction and assessment is technology. To me, technology includes more than just computers and tablets. I think whiteboard walls, post its, markers and colorful pencils and pens are all technology too. Whatever technology we thoughtfully choose to integrate into our planning and teaching is a central support […]

Technology integration is a part of today’s classroom. Most of us teach in classrooms that are equipped with mobile technology and internet access where the students have access to one or several mobile devices. When the context is filled with technology and online tools, it’s possible to be distracted when we try to integrate it […]

Technology Integration brings a lot of debate among educators around the country.  Supporters argue that technology increases motivation and engagement, while critics claim technology has no real impact on student success. In this blog post, I will outline my personal perspective on Technology Integration. The Tools’ Paradox What comes first: technology or pedagogy? This is […]

The video that we are sharing today is not about the iPad. It is about how people were inspired by other people. It is about how a growth mindset person can positively affect our faculty, staff, and finally our students. I think the world needs more people like them. The world needs more people like […]

As KCELT is working to improve its web presence, we have found a few good online resources that inspire us to do better.  And we’d like to share them with you! The first is Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching, which offers research-informed teaching guides currently found in the right column of its webpage.  These teaching […]

At the end of the Fall 2013 semester, KCELT hosted the Technology Teaching and Learning Institute that featured integrating internet video conferencing (IVC) into the classroom.  During one of the three days, we concentrated on providing hands-on training on four IVC tools, including Google Hangouts. According to our feedback, many faculty were interested in either […]

Below is a list of key emerging technologies from the NMC Horizon Report, which can be downloaded from  This report was mentioned in an earlier post, titled “What do you want to learn?” Faculty need to approach this list with a critical mindset.  Teachers should ask themselves the following questions about each item: Do […]

This is a quick post to educators who want to further learn and explore the utility and practicality of Twitter.  The video above comes from TeacherCast, the Educational Broadcasting Network.  To access the video through their site, go to Also, another blog of note is Sue Beckingham’s Social Media 4 Us, which focuses on […]

I’ve been using Twitter for several years as @slagoski23 and I have more recently started tweeting for KCELT @KCELTkirkwood (somebody else already had the @kcelt handle).  As a student, researcher, and teacher, I have found Twitter to be extraordinarily helpful for information, inspiration, and communication.  And once I started getting the hang of interacting on […]

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project developed by Juanita Limas, Math/Science Faculty. Introduction  The Livescribe pen technology has been rapidly evolving.  According to the Livescribe website (, there are two pens that are available for purchase: the Echo smartpen and the Sky wifi smartpen.  Both of these pens employ technology that enable the user to […]

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee project of Trisha Swartzendruber from Nursing. Current Practice Students enrolled in Foundations of Nursing II Lab are instructed to read about physical skills and watch ATI videos prior to coming to lab. This is intended to prepare them for learning and practicing the skills in lab with the lab instructor. […]

My first experience of presenting content with computer technology was Microsoft’s PowerPoint.  I was surprised to discover that it was released to the public in 1990 because I didn’t really see it used much until a decade later.  Once I had my laptop computer in 2000, I started playing with it.  I made my first […]

This was the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project produced by Greta Songe, art instructor. Final Product: Proposed Project Description: The first three weeks of the Drawing I course are the building blocks for understanding the entire term. We discuss drawing methods such as sighting and measuring, negative space observation, perspective, contour, and using volumes in space. The […]

This post was written by Judith Wightman, Professional Development Fellow and faculty in the Psychology department. Taking credit courses offered through Kirkwood can serve a variety of purposes, including learning more about a particular subject, getting exposure to new technologies and teaching techniques used by other instructors, increasing in empathy for students, and working toward […]

I have used this PPT (and slightly different variations of it) to introduce the conceopt of outcomes-based assessment to different faculty groups. This is the version that I shared last year with the iPad Initiative members, and now I’d like to share more broadly. According to an outcome-assessment framework, it is imperative that the teaching/learning […]

One of the projects that I am involved in here at Kirkwood is the iPad initiative, which started a week before my first day here.  Although I am for giving teachers opportunities to use mobile devices to enhance the teaching and learning processes that go on in and beyond the classroom, I do not want […]

Blogging was one of the topics covered during 2012’s Technology Teaching & Learning Institute.  You can view that session in the videos below. If you are interested in creating your own blog through Blogger or Edublogs, please view the following videos.  Blogger is one of the two most popular free blogging programs with WordPress being […]

On June 19. 2013, KCELT instructional designer Jeremy Slagoski presented two sessions on using social networking tools in the classroom.  He used Google sites as his platform to present the content, which can be seen by clicking on this link: The first session had 9 participants, and the groups mainly discussed Twitter and social networks […]

Deb Bloom, English instructor at Kirkwood Community College, reflects on how the iPad and Active Learning pedagogy have positively affected learner success in her classes.

Dave Hunt talks to KCELT’s Wednesday cohort of the iPad Initiative about integrating the iPad into his program, Continuing Education & Training Services Simulation Center.

Kate Hess, Library Coordinator at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City, produced this 5-minute video in which she describes and demonstrates strategies for getting more relevant and reliable resources when searching online. She briefly gives a context for why the results of a Google search might not be as reliable as the use of traditional […]

DJ Hennager, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology here at Kirkwood, reviews thoughts gained by the use of YouTube in teaching for the “Flipped Classroom” model. Specifically, a brief introduction on how to get started, how podcasts may benefit students, and how podcasting may change the nature of education. You may view the Prezi from the […]

April Prunty, instructor in the nursing program at Kirkwood Community College, demonstrates how she uses the Explain Everything app on the iPad for one of her classes.