Use appropriate technology in the planning, delivery and assessment of instruction.

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Explain Everything

April Prunty, instructor in the nursing program at Kirkwood Community College, demonstrates how she uses the Explain Everything app on the iPad for one of her classes.

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Why Podcast – Findings of a Teacher

DJ Hennager, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology here at Kirkwood, reviews thoughts gained by the use of YouTube in teaching for the “Flipped Classroom” model. Specifically, a brief introduction on how to get started, how podcasts may benefit students, and how podcasting may change the nature of education. You may view the Prezi from the […]

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Advanced Web Search Strategies

Kate Hess, Library Coordinator at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City, produced this 5-minute video in which she describes and demonstrates strategies for getting more relevant and reliable resources when searching online. She briefly gives a context for why the results of a Google search might not be as reliable as the use of traditional […]

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Learner Success with the iPad

Deb Bloom, English instructor at Kirkwood Community College, reflects on how the iPad and Active Learning pedagogy have positively affected learner success in her classes.

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