A dominant area of focus in instructional planning, instruction and assessment is technology. To me, technology includes more than just computers and tablets. I think whiteboard walls, post its, markers and colorful pencils and pens are all technology too. Whatever technology we thoughtfully choose to integrate into our planning and teaching is a central support […]

Technology integration is a part of today’s classroom. Most of us teach in classrooms that are equipped with mobile technology and internet access where the students have access to one or several mobile devices. When the context is filled with technology and online tools, it’s possible to be distracted when we try to integrate it […]

Technology Integration brings a lot of debate among educators around the country. ¬†Supporters argue that technology increases motivation and engagement, while critics claim technology has no real impact on student success. In this blog post, I will outline my personal perspective on Technology Integration. The Tools’ Paradox What comes first: technology or pedagogy? This is […]

The video that we are sharing today is not about the iPad. It is about how people were inspired by other people. It is about how a growth mindset person can positively affect our faculty, staff, and finally our students. I think the world needs more people like them. The world needs more people like […]

As KCELT is working to improve its web presence, we have found a few good online resources that inspire us to do better.¬† And we’d like to share them with you! The first is Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching, which offers research-informed teaching guides currently found in the right column of its webpage.¬† These teaching […]