One of the fundamental principles for designing significant learning experiences is to engage students in the process. Engaging students means to make them active participants in the learning experience so they have the opportunity not only to make sense of the content, but also to apply it in new contexts. When using Active Learning Strategies, […]

Our Menu of Learning is extensive and presents a good window into what we offer for our faculty and staff. We listen to people from many departments across our region and across our programs to provide sessions that teach skills and aid in diving deeper into teaching. When we cover how to create discussions and […]

According to the literature, assessment must be an ongoing process that provides opportunities for feedback. When students get feedback, they can see where they need to improve before it is too late. On the other hand, when instructors know where the students are regarding knowledge and skills, they can adjust the learning experience to meet […]

A dominant area of focus in instructional planning, instruction and assessment is technology. To me, technology includes more than just computers and tablets. I think whiteboard walls, post its, markers and colorful pencils and pens are all technology too. Whatever technology we thoughtfully choose to integrate into our planning and teaching is a central support […]

Technology integration is a part of today’s classroom. Most of us teach in classrooms that are equipped with mobile technology and internet access where the students have access to one or several mobile devices. When the context is filled with technology and online tools, it’s possible to be distracted when we try to integrate it […]

Technology Integration brings a lot of debate among educators around the country. ¬†Supporters argue that technology increases motivation and engagement, while critics claim technology has no real impact on student success. In this blog post, I will outline my personal perspective on Technology Integration. The Tools’ Paradox What comes first: technology or pedagogy? This is […]