The video that we are sharing today is not about the iPad. It is about how people were inspired by other people. It is about how a growth mindset person can positively affect our faculty, staff, and finally our students. I think the world needs more people like them. The world needs more people like […]

As KCELT is working to improve its web presence, we have found a few good online resources that inspire us to do better.  And we’d like to share them with you! The first is Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching, which offers research-informed teaching guides currently found in the right column of its webpage.  These teaching […]

At the end of the Fall 2013 semester, KCELT hosted the Technology Teaching and Learning Institute that featured integrating internet video conferencing (IVC) into the classroom.  During one of the three days, we concentrated on providing hands-on training on four IVC tools, including Google Hangouts. According to our feedback, many faculty were interested in either […]

Below is a list of key emerging technologies from the NMC Horizon Report, which can be downloaded from  This report was mentioned in an earlier post, titled “What do you want to learn?” Faculty need to approach this list with a critical mindset.  Teachers should ask themselves the following questions about each item: Do […]

This is a quick post to educators who want to further learn and explore the utility and practicality of Twitter.  The video above comes from TeacherCast, the Educational Broadcasting Network.  To access the video through their site, go to Also, another blog of note is Sue Beckingham’s Social Media 4 Us, which focuses on […]