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Eye on the Prize: Staying Focused on Faculty Success

Our journey continues exploring personalized professional development and designing the new MTE (Master Teacher Experience).  In line with Kirkwood’s mission to provide quality education for students, the overarching goal of this design work is to improve the Master Teacher Experience (MTE) by: Honoring prior experience and skills Increasing voice and choice Increasing focus on the… [Read the Full Story]

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Building Community through Design

As we continue exploring personalized professional development, we began to wonder, “What would it look like to apply this approach to the MTP (Master Teacher Program)?” We selected the Kirkwood faculty competency of Assessment and the KCELT Instructional Designers began designing a framework that would guide learners from introduction to mastery.  Then it was time… [Read the Full Story]


Faculty Reflection on Self Growth

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) is a three-year professional development opportunity for new full-time faculty at Kirkwood. This program is built upon faculty’s strengths and it is an opportunity for the probationary faculty to reflect on their good teaching practices that lead to their student’s success in a non-evaluative setting. KCELT hosted an outstanding annual… [Read the Full Story]

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Flipped Learning Supports Deep and Individualized Learning

Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that helps instructors to achieve student success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College.  “As an… [Read the Full Story]

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Meet Kirkwood’s Instructional Designers

Since Wilson and Jeremy have started working as instructional designers at Kirkwood, they have heard many faculty ask them the same questions:  What is that you exactly do here?  How is your work the same or different from what Alan and Emily do? Alan Peterka and Emily McWorthy are also instructional designers who work in… [Read the Full Story]

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What inspires Kirkwood faculty?

This post was composed by Steve Hanisch, instructor in the ACE Academy in the Industrial Technology department.  The original document was written as a reflection in the Fall 2013 section of the History of the Community College. This paper will answer the question, “Since you started this semester, what has inspired you as a faculty… [Read the Full Story]

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