ACT Compass Placement Testing: Connecting to Kirkwood

Posted on August 19, 2013

Kirkwood_Placement Testing Presentation_Page_01Jana Hanson from Institutional Research facilitated this presentation at KCELT’s Learning Institute.

She presented with a panel from ACT as indicated below.

Kirkwood_Placement Testing Presentation_Page_02

You can view all the PowerPoint slides on PDF by going to this URL:

2 thoughts on “ACT Compass Placement Testing: Connecting to Kirkwood

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  2. Erin Foster Hartley says:

    I applaud this initiative 100%. It ensures students receive the proper placement in courses based on their current skill level, and it also helps instructors maintain the standards and expectations established in their course designs. I also appreciate the careful thought and transparency administrators have used in justifying its benefits to Kirkwood, as illustrated by this slideshow.

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