Mentor/Mentee Program

Title slide for Mentor/Mentee Program

The mentor/mentee program is intended to:

  • —Build an effective learning relationship for both parties
  • —Support new faculty in adapting and adjusting to Kirkwood
  • —Enrich the professional experience of continuing full-time faculty

By the end of each year, we intend that new full-time faculty will:

  • —have a trusted resource in their mentor
  • know college practices and policies pertinent to success in the classroom
  • know that they can safely engage in on-going learning about themselves, the college, their students learning success

By the end of each year, we intend that mentors will feel they have:

  • —Contributed to a colleague’s success at Kirkwood
  • —Engaged themselves in a relationship in such a manner that they have challenged themselves and learned from the experience

By the end of each year, we intend that learning partnerships will have been established such that an intentional and meaningful project may come to fruition.

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