“[After reading the anonymous results of the first week survey, students] start to see that other students have the same fears as they do,” says Kari Weaver, “and that, whereas they felt like that they were the only student that had children or had a GED, we found out that [these assumptions were] absolutely incorrect.”  […]

“Here I feel like I really learn about my students and allow them to express themselves in the assignments that I create and the collaboration that they have with each other,” says Erin Foster Hartley, film studies instructor, who is this month’s featured Professional Development Fellow. In this interview, Erin talks about the adjunct orientation […]

This was the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project produced by Greta Songe, art instructor. Final Product: Proposed Project Description: The first three weeks of the Drawing I course are the building blocks for understanding the entire term. We discuss drawing methods such as sighting and measuring, negative space observation, perspective, contour, and using volumes in space. The […]