Top 10 Actions to Move Kirkwood Community College from Great to Greater

This post was composed by Darek Benesh, assistant professor of English.  The original document was written as a reflection in the History of the Community College course. About Darek Benesh Darek Benesh, an assistant professor of English, holds degrees in English Language and Literature and TESOL, with additional graduate work in Language, Literacy and Culture…. [Read the Full Story]

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Sharing Ideas on Incorporating Visual Rhetoric into Composition Instruction

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project developed by Darek Benesh, assistant professor of English. Instruction and Goals Tom Ernster and I are both interested in the concept of visual rhetoric, and we both include visual rhetoric units in our classes.  Tom has a unit in his Comp I classes in which students design a visual… [Read the Full Story]

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