Flipped Learning Supports Deep and Individualized Learning

Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that helps instructors to achieve student success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College.  “As an… [Read the Full Story]

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Notes and Reflections on “A New Culture of Learning”

On his blog, Alan Peterka, instructional designer in the Distance Learning department, reflects on the book A New Culture of Learning written by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown.  A summary of the book can be read at http://www.newcultureoflearning.com/newcultureoflearning.html. Alan comments on four themes from the book: 1) culture as growth because of environment, 2)… [Read the Full Story]

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My Top 10 Ways to Support Kirkwood

This post was composed by Sondra Smith Gates, English instructor in the Distance Learning department.  The original document was written as a reflection in the History of the Community College. About Sondra Gates   Sondra earned her PhD in English from the University of Michigan and joined the Kirkwood faculty full-time in the fall of… [Read the Full Story]

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