“What can students’ thoughts during my classes reveal about the factors that most affect their attention to and interest in the material being presented?” was the primary question Sondra Gates asked in her research project from last year’s Reflective Scholars course in the Master Teacher Program.  Sondra’s study received a lot of attention from Kirkwood […]

Richard Johnson, English faculty at Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus, was “knocked back in his chair” by a reading from last semester’s Culturally Responsive Classroom regarding differentiated instructional strategies.  This short 8-page reading was published by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.  In his response to the reading, Richard shares that “the cutting […]

This post was composed by Darek Benesh, assistant professor of English.  The original document was written as a reflection in the History of the Community College course. About Darek Benesh Darek Benesh, an assistant professor of English, holds degrees in English Language and Literature and TESOL, with additional graduate work in Language, Literacy and Culture. […]

This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee Project developed by Darek Benesh, assistant professor of English. Instruction and Goals Tom Ernster and I are both interested in the concept of visual rhetoric, and we both include visual rhetoric units in our classes.  Tom has a unit in his Comp I classes in which students design a visual […]

Deb Bloom, English instructor at Kirkwood Community College, reflects on how the iPad and Active Learning pedagogy have positively affected learner success in her classes.