Faculty Reflection on Self Growth

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) is a three-year professional development opportunity for new full-time faculty at Kirkwood. This program is built upon faculty’s strengths and it is an opportunity for the probationary faculty to reflect on their good teaching practices that lead to their student’s success in a non-evaluative setting. KCELT hosted an outstanding annual… [Read the Full Story]

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Modular Workstations: Faculty Designs a Solution to Prepare Students for the Automation Industry

“Teacher as Designer” is one of the main themes at KCELT, and Ben Foley is a great example of this.  He designed modular workstations for his students in the Automation and Instrumentation Technologies (AIT) program in the Industrial Technologies Department for the purposes of making their learning more relevant to the industry. At the end… [Read the Full Story]

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