Students Care If You Care

“When students feel like their teacher cares about them, they are generally more inclined to participate in their learning and also to take responsibility for their learning. When this happens, the learning experience is more robust than a traditional one-size fits all approach,” says Sarah Rissler, ELA instructor, who is this month’s featured Professional Development… [Read the Full Story]

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Google Hangouts: A Reflection

At the end of the Fall 2013 semester, KCELT hosted the Technology Teaching and Learning Institute that featured integrating internet video conferencing (IVC) into the classroom.  During one of the three days, we concentrated on providing hands-on training on four IVC tools, including Google Hangouts. According to our feedback, many faculty were interested in either… [Read the Full Story]

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Productivity Apps for Instructors & Students

Sarah Rissler, adjunct instructor of Spanish at Kirkwood Community College, demonstrates iPad apps she uses to increase productivity in and outside the classroom.

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