Resources for Research-informed Practices

The following is an incomplete list of research-informed practices and issues in alphabetical order.  This list is to help better inform your pedagogical decisions and to help inspire those who wish to contribute to this site.

Academic Dishonesty – issues with cheating, plagiarism, deception, etc.

Assessment – practices for both formative and summative assessment

Brain-Based Learning – practices informed by neuroscience research

Classroom Management

Community Immersion Programs

Connecting Learners to the Workplace
Critical Thinking

Developmental Education

Discovery Learning

Diverse Learners

Education Trends
Faculty Leadership

Flipping the Classroom

Hybrid Lessons & Courses

Inquiry-Based Learning

Instructional Planning

Instructional Strategies

Learner Motivation

The Learning Environment

Liberal Arts Education

Literacy & Literacies

Mobile Learning (tablets & smartphones)

New Teachers

Overseas Teaching & Learning Experiences
Practitioner Research
Problem-Based Learning
Professional Ethics
Project-Based Learning
Schema Theory
Situated Cognition
Social and Emotional Learning
Social Media
Student Engagement
Student Learning
Team-Based Learning
Technology Integration
Universal Design of Instruction

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