Jeremy Slagoski, instructional designer at KCELT, facilitated a presentation about English language testing at Kirkwood Community College and countries where many international students come from.  You can view the prezi here:

K-DOSE-OPI Piece-Read Only

To provide a more in-depth perspective of English language tests at Kirkwood, ELA instructor Ryan Dehner gave a presentation on the tests English language learners need to take when they enroll.  You can view all the slides for his presentation at this link:

After Jeremy and Ryan presented, the floor was opened to several international students, who gave their presentations about English language testing in their respective home countries and in the United States.  They were Tingting Chen from China, Hiromi Takayama from Japan, Mariana Colombo from Brazil, and Tahereh Nayaz from Iran.


Tingting Chen’s presentation slides can be viewed here:


English Language Testing from There to Here %28Hiromi Takayama%29

Hiromi Takayama’s presentation slides can be viewed here:

2 thoughts on “English Language Testing from There to Here

  1. These presentations give me a new perspective on the students in my classroom whose first language is not English. I was not aware of the details of English language testing, either in the US or elsewhere. It’s great to get personal histories and insight from students who have taken on such a daunting pursuit. This has certainly made me more sensitive to hindrances I may have inadvertently set up in my own courses at Kirkwood.

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