As we continue exploring personalized professional development, we began to wonder, “What would it look like to apply this approach to the MTP (Master Teacher Program)?” We selected the Kirkwood faculty competency of Assessment and the KCELT Instructional Designers began designing a framework that would guide learners from introduction to mastery.  Then it was time to reach out to a few Assessment SMEs (subject matter experts) to co-design this experience. They began curating content, exploring delivery modes, and designing a multifaceted experience.

On January 26th and 27th, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) invited a group of faculty and staff to experience the first prototype of this Assessment Pathway.  This group included participants from the August Institute, previous MTP faculty, and SMEs who shared their feedback/input on the Assessment Pathway.  The attendees reviewed the pathway progression and also experienced a micro-learning module on Assessment in Talon. The information shared with us during these two days was very valuable and provided insight for next steps in design.

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A couple of days later, we met to review the feedback and debriefed on the common themes and ideas shared regarding the Assessment Pathway.  This information added clarity and insight to the design of the pathway and progression.  As we move forward on this design project,  we will begin to continually redesign the Assessment Pathway and rework the progression using your feedback.

We appreciate your commitment to building the future of personalized professional development. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming opportunities to share your feedback on the redesign of the Assessment Pathway and become part of our growing community.  We look forward to seeing you.

What are effective ways that you engage students in:

  1. Owning the learning outcomes
  2. Co-creating performance criteria
  3. The feedback process with you, and
  4. The feedback process with each other (peer-to-peer)

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2 thoughts on “Building Community through Design

  1. Playing in the personalizing learning world is having a wonderful secondary outcome -community building! We are grateful for all the interest and great feedback we are getting through this design process and we hope more of you will join us. Connect with us if you have some great ideas for how you personalize learning in the classroom, or for your own growth!

  2. I appreciate the constructive feedback and recommendations we received on this session. Personalizing professional development and learning is definitely is a path through which I have been growing like many others. I would like to thank the subject matter experts and other designers who met with us and shared the valuable insight!

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