Our journey continues exploring personalized professional development and designing the new MTP (Master Teacher Program).  In line with Kirkwood’s mission to provide quality education for students, the overarching goal of this design work is to improve the MTP by:

In February, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) began building a prototype of the MTP Framework. This framework puts the new faculty member in the center of a system that supports self-paced modules focused on the Kirkwood Faculty Competencies and assists with building their professional network.

The new MTP will be personalized and honor prior experience and skills faculty bring to Kirkwood.  For each of the Kirkwood Faculty Competencies, there will be a learning pathway designed around the following trajectory:  know, apply and share.

KNOW: New faculty will self-assess their knowledge on each competency to build self-awareness and identify areas of interest and growth. They will gain new knowledge through consultation with their KCELT coach or designer, find resources on their own, or discover insights in collaboration with other faculty. The sky in the limit!

APPLY: The next step is to apply knowledge by co-creating learning experiences focused on student success with a designer or their coach. Applying a best practices model, all experiences are intended to move forward student learning outcomes.

SHARE: This is the most powerful aspect of the trajectory. Sharing is focused on growth, the process (not the product), and will help to build community through relationships for faculty.

The Design Team is intent on creating a personalized experience for new faculty that focuses on growth, creates a system that is supportive and meets the needs of each faculty, and builds on the culture of lifelong learning here at Kirkwood. This design process is labor intensive, exciting, ongoing, and inclusive. Target roll-out of a redesigned MTP is set for November 2017. We will have more prototypes to share coming up on Thursday, March 30th, and Friday, March 31st. Watch out for Tempo messages with more details inviting you to join our growing design community.

Theresa Moore

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One thought on “Eye on the Prize: Staying Focused on Faculty Success

  1. I’d say I’m moving towards more personalized learning in my classrooms. I differentiate based on student needs/interest and give them voice/choice in ways to demonstrate competency (similar to what we aim to do in the redesigned MTE). But students really manage their own leaning in a personalized model. They really “own” the learning. Sometimes the students create their own learning goals and activities in the classroom. This is THE BEST!

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