“[After reading the anonymous results of the first week survey, students] start to see that other students have the same fears as they do,” says Kari Weaver, “and that, whereas they felt like that they were the only student that had children or had a GED, we found out that [these assumptions were] absolutely incorrect.”  The first week survey that Kari is talking about is part of her efforts to build community in the classrooms.  To access the full transcript to Kari’s interview, please click here.

In this interview, Kari gives examples of how she builds community in the classroom and how she incorporates Marcia Baxter-Magolda’s self-authorship model to teach art history.  To learn more about Baxter-Magolda and her model, please visit Indiana University’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning webpage.

About Kari Weaver
IMG_1418Kari has been teaching at Kirkwood Community College since 2010. Her degree is in Art History and Theory, with a focus on conceptual art and institutional critique. She teaches Art History, Tools for Life and College 101. As a Professional Development Fellow, she appreciates the ability to work with a team devoted to faculty interaction and improvement.

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