“Here I feel like I really learn about my students and allow them to express themselves in the assignments that I create and the collaboration that they have with each other,” says Erin Foster Hartley, film studies instructor, who is this month’s featured Professional Development Fellow.

In this interview, Erin talks about the adjunct orientation course that she facilitates online for new and returning adjuncts.  Because it is difficult to get adjuncts together at the same time and in the same place, this course was designed as a virtual place for them to meet and discuss, as Erin explained, learning outcomes, assessment, and classroom management, just to mention a few.  To read the full transcript of Erin’s interview, please click here.

If you are an adjunct instructor at Kirkwood Community College and you are interested in professional development opportunities here, please contact Erin or KCELT about the course.  KCELT also offers many other opportunities for adjuncts to participate and lead in.  If you have an idea to facilitate or co-facilitate a professional learning session, please fill out our facilitator proposal form at https://www.kirkwood.edu/site/index.php?p=34496.

Correction:  In the recorded interview, Jeremy stated that this was the third installment of the monthly featured PDF series.  This interview is actually the fourth installment as the transcript indicates.  We apologize for any confusion caused by this.

About Erin Foster-Hartley

Picture of Erin Foster-HartleyErin Foster Hartley has taught Film Analysis, US Film History, and World Film History at the Kirkwood Iowa City Campus since August 2001. She is in her second year as a Professional Development Fellow, with a focus on adjunct professional development. When she’s not teaching film, she’s writing or teaching Jazzercise. She lives in Iowa City with her husband and two dogs.

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