Screen shot of Nicole Alsaker's first PowerPoint slideNicole Alsaker, Nursing department, worked with Jody Weigel on her Mentor-Mentee Project for the 2013-14 academic year.  Their goal was to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and communication by 1) exploring the roles and responsibilities of nurses and social workers, and 2) examining how they can improve teamwork and professional relationships.  Below are slides from Nicole’s PowerPoint presentation that explains further details of the project.

We set up a discussion board where both Nicole's nursing students and Jody's social worker students could communicate with each other and answer a few questions. The slide represents how the discussion board looked

A social work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and subjective well being of individuals, groups and communities.  This is accomplished through counseling, care planning, financial assistance, assessment, legal assistance and advocacy.  We often times use crisis intervention skills with those dealing with poverty, mental and physical illnesses or disability, or social injustices.  We especially focus on individuals civil liberties and human rights.A list of ways to improve teamwork and professional relationshipsNicole and Jody share their personal growth and reflections of the projectAbout Nicole Alsaker

Nicole_Alasker_2013Nicole received her BSN at Minnesota State University, Mankato back in 2003 and has been nursing and taking care of patients around the USA since then. She has lived in Oregon, Arizona, California, Florida and Maryland. She moved to Iowa two years ago with her husband Robert, and they are blessed with an active little boy named Beckett. She started at Kirkwood Community College last year as an adjunct and has completed her first year of teaching and really enjoys being in the classroom. She is currently finishing up my Masters in Nurse Education at Mount Mercy and plans on graduating this December.

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