Rachelle Biderman is a member of KCELT’s Professional Development Fellows. Rachelle teaches Public Speaking and Fundamentals of World Communication courses using active learning strategies. She is a passionate faculty who loves teaching and applies methods that engage students in learning leading to their success.

When Rachelle was a student at Kirkwood her experience changed her life and lead to her success. As a faculty member she provides similar opportunities for her students. “I was able to participate in productions and other extra-curricular activities, the student newspaper and things like that. They made me feel like a part of the community and kept me connected academically and personally. So, to me Kirkwood is really just like home.”

You can listen to Rachelle’s introduction here:

“My tip Rachelle_Bidermanor advice to anyone who wants professional development is that sometimes you have to just say ‘yes,’ even though you are not an expert. Sometimes it’s a great way to challenge yourself to learn to do something new and to try and explore a new strategy. Accept where you are at and it’s always a learning experience.”

If you would like to know more about active learning strategies contact us at KCELT.


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