Since Wilson and Jeremy have started working as instructional designers at Kirkwood, they have heard many faculty ask them the same questions:  What is that you exactly do here?  How is your work the same or different from what Alan and Emily do?

Alan Peterka and Emily McWorthy are also instructional designers who work in the Distance Learning department.  We made this video to tell all of Kirkwood what we do and how we are here to help our faculty develop their technological and pedagogical knowledge and skills.

As Wilson mentioned in the video, backward design informs his and all of KCELT’s instructional design.  To learn more about backward design as it pertains to teaching and learning, we recommend the book Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.  Wilson and Jeremy are more than happy to discuss how easy it is to design your activities, curriculum, and syllabus using this approach.

The main purpose for all four instructional designers is to meet and spend time with faculty to discuss possible learning solutions for their students.  Please feel free to contact them or stop by their offices.

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