For her 2013-14 Mentor-Mentee Project, Mary Schneekloth, successfully proposed a project to help Kirkwood become the first community college in the United States to attain membership to the University Partnership Program of the Society of Financial Service Professionals.

Sparking interest for membership in the University Partnership Program of the Society of Financial Service Professionals

Mary pursued this project because her department, Business & Information Technology, wanted to build the Financial Service Program at Kirkwood and because professionals in the financial services field wanted to reach out, mentor, and educate the next generation of financial advisors.  She believes that having a network of professional from which to receive information reduces the fear of the unknown by having ready access to experienced advisors.

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To accomplish this project, Mary took the proposal through a series of 3 steps.  First, she proposed the concept to the Dean of the Business and Information Technology department and the Financial Services Program Coordinator.  Second, she assisted in completing a University Partnership Program application.  Finally, she gained approval from the National Financial Services Professional Board of Directors for membership in late November 2013.

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Other benefits of membership include professional interest sections, electronic discussion groups, continuing education programs or products, publications, web resources, public relations and recognition, local chapter meetings, an ethics hotline, and member discounts.

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For more information, please visit the members website at


4 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Move by Faculty for Student Success

  1. Wow! What a great advantage to students in this program. Kudos to Mary for taking the initiative to make this proposal and follow it through to acceptance.

  2. Thanks for once again bringing out the incredible value of being a member of a professional association! These experiences are critical to students’ growth.

  3. Having spent some time in career services, this is an exemplar of weaving school and genuine/rare learning opportunities within their field. The networking potential alone will be of great benefit. Great job!

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