“The one word I think about (regarding) our faculty is the word passion.”  Art Khaw, Professional Development Fellow, believes that growth-oriented faculty are passionate about student learning and embrace technological innovation.  In this podcast, Art shares his story, challenges faculty who will ask “What happened?,” and describes how the Mentor/Mentee projects achieve learner success.

0:42 – Art shares his journey of becoming a Kirkwood faculty member through becoming a Professional Development Fellow.

1:42 – He shares faculty success stories from the Mentor-Mentee Program.

2:55 – He shares what impresses him about Kirkwood faculty

3:27 – He shares what excites him about teaching Kirkwood students

4:29 – He gives advice to those who are considering to become a Professional Development Fellow.

To view the whole transcript, please click here.

Our blog has many examples of the last few years of Mentor-Mentee projects.  Please take some time to browse through these projects.  If you want to learn more, please click here.

Art KhawArt Khaw is currently co-teaching in the Master Teacher Program Year 1: Research-Informed Practitioner with Rich Underwood. The Master Teacher Program is built upon faculty strengths honoring each participant’s abiding passion for good teaching and unwavering dedication to student learning in concert with Kirkwood’s Quality Faculty Plan requirements. With core principles of integrity and mutual respect, the program aim is that each cohort member will grow in their ability to design shareable learning solutions. Faculty in their second year passionately create, invent, and design student work to solve student performance challenges related to stated performance outcomes. For more information about the Master Teacher Program, please click here.


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