Flipped Learning is an innovative and exciting method that helps instructors to achieve student success. More and more educators around the country are talking about its benefits. This story is part of a series of posts on flipped learning that showcase how this method is helping to achieve student success at Kirkwood Community College.

 “As an instructor, I normally teach to a group, but with Flipped Learning now… I actually teach to the individual,” Keith Hench stated. As a Distance Learning instructor, he knows how difficult is to engage all students during class. He believes that Flipped Learning provides an opportunity for students to take on a significant role in their own learning: “I think it is good for the students because it does put some of the responsibility on to the student, but it also allows them the opportunity to go back and review the material.”

Keith also revealed how he embarked on his flipped learning, pedagogical journey: “Instead of trying to do [flip] the whole class, I actually took one specific lecture…in my case [it] was on cell cycle”. Keith embraced this approach because he knows that students struggle with this particular topic and he was looking for a solution to a challenge students consistently encounter in his classes.

In the spirit of collegiality, Keith agreed to share a few of his learning solutions with others on the topic of Mitosis. Below, you can find a lesson plan and a worksheet that Keith prepared for his course:

Are you interested in learning more about Flipped Learning? Are you excited to co-create learning solutions with peers? KCELT has developed a online course on Flipped Learning! This self-paced course will provide all the information you need to start flipping. Go to Eaglenet and paste this following code: CURINAS-FLPLRN2-WR001 to get started on the pathway to flipped learning. 

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