Our Menu of Learning is extensive and presents a good window into what we offer for our faculty and staff. We listen to people from many departments across our region and across our programs to provide sessions that teach skills and aid in diving deeper into teaching.

When we cover how to create discussions and quizzes in TALON, we show how to create using the tool, but then we discuss effective and innovative ways the tool can help our students succeed. The conversation is about the “how-to” but also includes writing questions that effectively create an environment of higher order thinking skills and engagement with the content. As we are our own best resources and support for instruction, our students also learn so much from each other in engaging in face to face and in blended arenas. We learn and grow as faculty together as lifelong learners.

Other captivating topics this semester are Student Motivation, Closed Captioning and Academic language. We define motivation in terms of human needs, strategies for instruction and in specific classroom strategies to meet human needs. We discuss the theory, look at suggested strategies and then discuss and share how to incorporate these directly into the curriculum to support student success.  Closed Captioning is to ensure we do all we can to make the curriculum accessible to all students and understanding Academic language creates pathways to student success in making content accessible in many ways.

Our faculty are dedicated and are lifelong learners. KCELT is privileged to learn alongside faculty and we work continuously to meet their needs in supporting our students for continued success.

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