“People bring up ideas about teaching that are new to me and that really work well in other classes,” says Judith Wightman, “I appreciate when other people share those ideas.”  This appreciative knowledge sharing mindset demonstrates that successful pedagogy can be contagious.  To access the full transcript to Judith’s interview, please click here.

In this interview, Judith gives several examples of how her appreciative knowledge sharing mindset has helped her grow professionally as an instructor of psychology at Kirkwood Community College.  Her favorite venues to share knowledge is through reading circles, which she often leads or co-facilitates, and through KCELT sessions and series.  If you are interested in leading, co-facilitating, or joining reading circles or other KCELT events, please visit our registration page or contact to learn about or suggest a reading circle or professional learning topic.

About Judith Wightman

JudeHer degree is in industrial/organizational psychology, which is the study of psychology applied to the workplace. KCELT provides many opportunities for organization development and she’s excited to contribute to the work of the Professional Development Fellows team. She teaches Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Human Sexuality in face-to-face and online formats.

One thought on “Fellow’s Passion for Reading Circles: A Powerful Means of Professional Development

  1. Judith, you provide a valuable service to faculty in your role as a Fellow. Thank you for facilitating such high quality sessions! Make it Stick was particular interesting to me.

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