On his blog, Alan Peterka, instructional designer in the Distance Learning department, reflects on the book A New Culture of Learning written by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown.  A summary of the book can be read at http://www.newcultureoflearning.com/newcultureoflearning.html.

Alan comments on four themes from the book: 1) culture as growth because of environment, 2) community and collective, 3) tacit knowledge, and 4) play.  Please read his post at http://abbreviated.blogspot.com/2014/05/notes-and-reflections-on-new-culture-of.html to learn more.

About Alan Peterka



Alan is an Instructional Designer in Distance Learning at Kirkwood. He has earned degrees in Chinese pedagogy and second language acquisition. He’s a podcaster (T4LT, Education Is), a teacher (Elementary Chinese) and an avid gardener/small business owner (bark & bloom).


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