Lydia for KCELTDr. Lydia Hartunian is a professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Kirkwood. She is also a Professional Development Fellow in KCELT. Lydia has a doctoral degree in Philosophy, she is passionate for what she teaches at Kirkwood, and she believes in being part of a professional development community. With her many years of teaching experience, Lydia is still eager to learn and try new Instructional strategies.

In this podcast, you will get to know Dr. Hartunian and why she is a part of KCELT Faculty Professional Development Fellows. She also talks about some of the strategies that have evolved her teaching and her student’s learning. Dr. Hartunian applies active learning strategies to her teaching in the classroom, and she has flipped many of her lessons and provided opportunities for students to learn in a student-centered environment.

Transcript for the podcast is available here: Lydia’s Podcast transcript

If you would like to know more about what she does in her classroom, or how you can flip some of your lessons, please feel free to contact KCELT instructional designers or Dr. Hartunian for more information.


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