This semester, in the Principles of Selling course, instructor Todd Saville had a class that exceeded his expectations concerning a fundraising challenge, which he said, “proved to be a really good successful learning experience and charitable activity…  They’re learning from it.  They’re giving back.  It’s a good cause.”  You can listen to Todd describe this success below and read the transcript here.

Student Sam Claassen shaking hands with Jerry Oakland from Matthew 25 with instructor Todd Saville watching proudly


In the picture above, Todd Saville is smiling proudly as his top fundraising student, Sam Claassen, presents the check to Jerry Oakland, Neighborhood Investment Coordinator for Matthew 25.  As the top fundraiser in his class, Sam chose Matthew 25 as his charity, which helps revitalize neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids devastated in the 2008 flood.  Below you can listen to Sam describe how he was able to help his class exceed Todd’s expectations.  You can read Sam’s transcript here.

Todd leading his class in applause for Sam's efforts
The success story of Todd Saville’s Principles of Selling course shows how a teacher’s expectations can help motivate students to accomplish goals that are relevant to the real world and actually have a direct impact on the community.  Because of Todd’s curriculum design and his students’ efforts, we can take pride in their contributions to the revitalization of the Cedar Rapids community.

Technical note:  All media for this interview were captured by a KCELT iPad.  The interviews were recorded on the iPad using the Soundcloud app, which is available to download for free.  For tips on how to use your iPad to record interviews, please contact Wilson Rojas or Jeremy Slagoski at KCELT.

About Todd Saville

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Todd Saville has been teaching full-time at Kirkwood Community College for 8 years.  He’s the Financial Services Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor.  He teaches a wide array of business classes including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, and Personal Finance.

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